Tyrannosaurus Rex

Name Means: ‘Tyrant Lizard King’

Period: Late Cretaceous, 68-66 Million Years Ago

Region: Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, USA; Alberta, Canada

The most famous dinosaur of them all. Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the biggest, worst meat-eating dinosaurs of all time. This 12 m long killing machine had more than 50 humongous, bone-crunching, banana-shaped teeth – the biggest tooth on record is over 30 cm long! Scientists have discovered that T. rex had the most powerful bite force of any land animal ever, estimated to be over 35,000 newtons, which is about ten times more powerful than an alligator! It would have bitten, ripped and swallowed meat and bone without chewing and could easily have eaten you whole! T. rex weighed around 7 tonnes and could probably reach running speeds of up to 20 mph – that’s a lot of weight running at you! Over 50 skeletons of T. rex have been found. But, without a doubt, the most famous is ‘Sue’, which was found in South Dakota in 1990. Sue is about 90% complete and is the most complete T. rex known.