Means: Double Beam

Period: Late Jurassic, 154-150 Million Years Ago

Region: Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, USA

Diplodocus is one of the longest dinosaurs to have ever lived. It’s also one of the best-known sauropods, as several skeletons have been discovered! It is, at present, the longest dinosaur known from a practically complete skeleton. Some dinosaurs were certainly larger, but they are known from less complete skeletons. The largest specimen known is estimated to have been around 26 m long, about the length of three double decker buses, and around 5 m tall, from toe to hip. It weighed around 10-15 tonnes! The very first Diplodocus bones were discovered in a quarry in Colorado, USA, in 1877. Diplodocus was herbivorous and possessed forward-pointing, long, peg-like teeth that were positioned at the front of its mouth; they were perfect branch-strippers. Diplodocus fed by closing its mouth around plant stems and stripped the leaves by pulling back its head – like a rake.